What others say about our trainees


 Picture of children at school with teacher At the SCITT’s most recent OFSTED inspection the inspectors wrote:

“Trainees are good role models and the strength of their personal attributes is a key feature of their achievement. For example, they develop outstanding relationships with both pupils and staff. They quickly become immersed in the ways of school working and therefore many obtain teaching posts in one of their placement schools. ”

“Trainees make outstanding progress from when they begin the course…Trainees attain well and no group underachieves. Carefully targeted support ensures male trainees and those from ethnic minorities make particularly good progress. Trainees demonstrate strengths across several aspects of teaching… They benefit immensely from working alongside expert practitioners.”

“Trainees use a wide range of teaching and learning strategies confidently and effectively. They captivate their pupils with engaging and exciting openings to their lessons. For example, one trainee created the ambience of the seaside by having images of the sea rolling on the interactive white board as discussion took place.”

A Head Teacher

External Examiner

The SCITT employs External Examiners to  observe trainees and agree our grading and assessment is consistent with national requirements. In writing about one of our trainees the External Examiner wrote:

“This trainee was excellent in every aspect and definitely outstanding. The lesson was a privilege to watch; it was innovative and captured all the children, myself and the Teaching Placement Tutor for the whole period of time. The quality of learning and lesson outcomes were excellent. The discussion with the trainee following her lesson was a very enjoyable professional dialogue and during this time she demonstrated all of the outstanding notable characteristics.”

Employers of Leicester & Leicestershire SCITT NQTs:

The SCITT sends a questionnaire to headteachers of all SCITT trainees towards the end of the NQT year. In the survey carried out in 2013 100% of the responses from Headteachers rated ‘the overall quality of training in preparing the trainee to take on the responsibilities of an NQT’ as at least good. 58% of these responses rated the training to prepare the NQT as VERY good. Headteachers’ comments of trainees they have employed include:

`The training offered to SCITT trainees has given our NQT a toolkit of strategies, resources and ideas which as enabled her to continue to develop from strength to strength in her NQT year.’

“Trainee X has been a strong teacher from day one. Even OFSTED within six weeks of her first term did not put her off her stride.”

“The SCITT provides a perfectly balanced course. If I see someone has been through the Leicester SCITT, I know they will be a contender for the post.”

“He is an excellent member of the teaching staff, ready to learn and take advantage of the support offered by colleagues. ”

“She has been a super NQT.  As always with SCITT trainees she was able to hit the ground running with a good understanding of all areas of the curriculum and assessment.  She is a super member of staff, fully participating in staff INSET and after school activities and a keen desire to build on her success.  Her ability to self evaluate her practice and take on advice enables her to do this.”

“The trainee came into school extremely well prepared and significantly more knowledgeable about the curriculum, organisation and assessment than NQTs from other different organisations.  It is always very noticeable which trainees are from the SCITT at interview as their lessons already show up-to-date and effective strategies through their lesson observation and the detail they give in their interview questions.”

NQT Survey 2014