Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT teacher in action

OFSTED report and trainee feedback


At the SCITT’s most recent OFSTED inspection the inspectors recognised the overall effectiveness of the SCITT as an ITT provider was outstanding:

“The overall quality of the training at both the centre and in schools is excellent. Central training in the core subjects benefits from the expertise of skilled practitioners. The principles of good teaching within each subject are firmly embedded in training sessions to develop the relevant knowledge, understanding and teaching skills. An excellent professional studies programme fully complements this subject training. Schools provide a rich diversity of training opportunities. Placement schools are very carefully allocated to provide trainees with teaching experiences across the whole 5-11 age range in a variety of settings. This is an outstanding feature of the training.”

“ The teaching of ICT is a particular strength. Trainees also demonstrate strengths across several other aspects of teaching. For example planning shows a clear understanding of learning outcomes and core subjects are taught well.”

SCITT OFSTED Report 2009

Newly Qualified Teachers that feel extremely well prepared to teach

NQT Survey 2014


Fantastic feedback from trainees at the end of the year

The Leicester and Leicestershire Primary SCITT has an unrivalled local and national reputation for providing training of the highest quality.

As shown in the NQT survey, trainees enjoy their time in the SCITT and relish the challenge the SCITT offers.

Below are some typical end of course evaluation comments made by our NQTs:

`The Course has been outstanding in every aspect. The support and personalisation of every aspect of the training has given me a wealth of resources, knowledge and inspiration to begin my journey as a teacher. Thank you to all the tutors both in training and in schools who have made this an absolutely wonderful experience.’

`The Course is not only outstanding in terms of training but, almost more importantly, it offers outstanding support and nurturing on the path to becoming an NQT (and beyond!).’

`Unlike other courses , the SCITT creates a camaraderie and ethos of team spirit which only enhances the experience of learning how to be an excellent teacher.’

`The SCITT has been an amazing experience and has transformed me, with the guidance of inspirational tutors, from a weary trainee in September to a confident teacher, ready to share my enthusiasm with my own class, in the space of 9/12 months.’

`A course that has been tailored to our needs with care and support from our tutors.  A fantastic experience that will form the basis of my entire teaching career. Amazing new friends for life!’