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What is a SCITT?


A SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training ) programme is controlled and managed by schools for schools.

A SCITT is a network of schools that have been quality assured and approved  to run all aspects of a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) course. This means a Management Board of partner school headteachers take full responsibility for ensuring the training leads to very effective and well-trained teachers. In the Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT there are two full-time Course Managers working with the Management Board to ensure all trainee teachers receive outstanding support and training in all aspects of the course.

SCITTs are small and can offer flexible, personalised and up to date training

The beauty of a SCITT is the headteachers & Course Managers ensure the training is always absolutely up to date.  As a SCITT is a small organisation the training can be adapted extremely rapidly in response to both the needs of the trainee teachers and the needs of employing schools. With educational changes so widespread and frequent this flexibility is vitally important in giving trainees the best possible start to their NQT year and career as a teacher.

In a SCITT all training takes place in school environments   

SCITTs provide practical, hands-on teacher training, delivered by experienced, practising teachers based in their own school or a school in their network.   Training as part of a SCITT gives you the opportunity to learn ‘on the job’. You will benefit from working and learning every day in a school and getting an immediate insight into what teaching involves.

SCITTs have high retention, employment and trainee satisfaction rates

School-led courses often have very high rates of employment and trainee satisfaction and the Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT leads the region for all ITT providers in this respect (See Why train with us?)

SCITTs can offer the full academic rigour and credits of a PGCE award

The Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT offers a full academic Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with 60 Masters Level credits, through its partnership with the University of Wolverhampton.  This academic award is absolutely identical and equivalent in academic credits, value and rigour to a PGCE offered within a University led ITT course.   Trainees are not required to travel to the University for any part of the course but have full access to all electronic learning resources and journals from the University.

SCITT can act as the accrediting provider for School Direct programmes.  The Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT takes responsibility for the quality assurance and training of four School Direct alliances.