There are 12 schools who are full members of the Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT partnership. The schools (shown as red icons above) are:

Abbey Primary School
Ellis Avenue, Leicester LE4 5LB
Telephone: 0116 266 1809 Headteacher: Mr Tim Foster
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Ash Field Academy
Broad Avenue, Leicester LE5 4PY
Telephone: 0116 273 7151
Executive Principal: Mr David Bateson OBE Principal: Mrs Jane Booth
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Bishop Ellis RC Primary School
Barkby Road, Thurmaston, LE4 8GP
Catholic school (3 – 11yrs) • DfES No. 855 3345 • NOR – 325
Telephone: 0116 269 5510 • Headteacher: Mrs Suzanne Henry
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Brownlow School
Limes Avenue, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 1QL
Telephone: 0166 456 2315 Headteacher: Mr Damien Turrell
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Christ the King RC Primary School
Glenfield Road, Leicester, LE3 6DF
Telephone: 0116 285 7261 Headteacher: Mr Martin Fitzwilliam
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Dovelands Primary School
Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 0TJ
Community school (3 – 11yrs) • DfES No. 856 2387 • NOR – 516
Telephone: 0116 285 7716 • Headteacher: Mrs Liz Latham/Mrs Sara McAdam
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Folville Junior School
Folville Rise, Leicester, LE3 1EE
Community school (7 – 11yrs) • DfES No. 856 2297 • NOR – 361
Telephone: 0116 282 4368 • Headteacher: Mr Bruce Wells
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Granby Primary School
Granby Road, Leicester, LE2 8LP
Community school (3 – 11yrs) • DfES No. 856 2228 • NOR – 411
Telephone: 0116 283 2013 • Headteacher: Mr Peter Fowler
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Launde Primary School
New Street, Oadby, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 4LJ
Community School (4-10 yrs) • NOR – 539
Telephone: 0116 271 3899 • Headteacher: Ms Inderjit Sandhu
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Mayflower Primary
Evington Drive, Leicester, LE5 5PH
Community school (3 – 11yrs) • DfES No. 856 2250 • NOR – 320
Telephone: 0116 273 7504 • Headteacher: Mr Glyn Millinship
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Parks Primary School,
New Parks Crescent, Leicester, LE3 9NZ
Community School (3 – 11yrs)
Telephone – 0116 187 2414 Headteacher – Ms Cas Evans
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The Merton Primary School
Cherry Drive, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE7 2PT
Telephone 0116 260 8150 • Headteacher: Mrs Shelagh Thomson
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An increasing number of schools are Associate members. These schools (shown as yellow icons on teh map above) include:

All Saints Church of England (Aided) Primary School
Long Street, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2AH.
Telephone: (0116) 288 0013 Headteacher: Mrs Jenny Marshall

Beaumont Lodge Primary School
Astill Lodge Road, Beaumont Leys, Leicester, LE4 1DT
Telephone: (0116) 236 6925 Headteacher: Ms Dawn

Billesdon Parochial Primary School
Gaulby Road, Billesdon, Leicestershire, LE7 9AG
Telephone: (0116) 259 6327 Headteacher: Mrs Anita Timson

Bottesford Primary School
Silverwood Road, Bottesford, Nottingham NG13 0BS
Telephone: 01949 842 224 Headteacher: Ms Louise McGory

Braunstone Community Primary School
Ellis Avenue, Leicester LE3 1QH
Telephone: 0116 285 8130 Headteacher: Ms Jatinder Mahil
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Braunstone Frith Primary School
Liberty Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 6NN
Telephone: (0116) 287 2487 Headteacher: Mrs Amelia Smith

Brocks Hill Primary School
Howden Road, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5WP
Telephone: 0116 271 4885 Headteacher:  Ms Michelle Walton
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Broomfield Primary School
Off Ploughman’s Lea, East Goscote, Leicester, LE7 3ZQ.
Telephone: (0116) 260 6704 Headteacher: Miss Alex Allison

Caldecote Community Primary School
164 Hallam Crescent East, Leicester, LE3 1FF
Telephone: (0116) 282 4482 Headteacher: Mr Mathew Alcock

Catherine Junior School
Brandon Street, Leicester, LE4 6AZ
Telephone: (0116) 262 5896 Headteacher: Ms Joy Denning

Church Hill C of E Junior School
Church Hill Road, Thurmaston, Leicestershire LE4 8DE
Telephone: 0116 269 2509 Headteacher: Mrs Shereen Kirk
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Church Hill C of E Infant School
Church Hill Road, Thurmaston, Leicestershire, LE4 8DE
Telephone: (0116) 269 2083 Headteacher: Mrs Bulsara

Eastfield Primary School
Eastfield Road, Thurmaston, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 8FP
Telephone: (0116) 269 4692

Elizabeth Woodville School
Glebe Road, Groby, Leicestershire LE6 0GT
Telephone: 0116 287 6050 • Headteacher: Mr Andrew Pridmore
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Fernvale Primary School
Somerby Road, Thurnby, Leicester, LE7 9PR
Telephone: (0116) 241 6722 Headteacher: Natalie Hackett

Evington Valley Primary School
Evington Valley Road, leicester LE5 5LL
Telephone: 0116 273 6971 Headteacher: Mrs Jill Griffin
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Gaddesby Primary School
Ashby Road, Gaddesby, Leicester LE7 4WF
Telephone: 0166 484 0253 Headteacher: Mr Gareth Nelmes
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Glenmere Community Primary School
Estoril Avenue, Wigston Leicestershire LE18 3RD
Telephone: 0116 288 2228 Headteacher: Mr Peter Merry
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Greenfield Primary School
Gwendoline Drive, Countesthorpe, Leicestershire LE8 5SG
Telephone: 0116 277 3584 Headteacher: Mr Colin Bowpitt
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Hazel Community Primary School
Hazel Street, Leicester, LE2 7JN
Telephone: (0116) 233 8411 Headteacher: Mrs Gillian Blatherwick

Houghton on the Hill C of E Primary School
Main Street, Houghton on the Hill, Leicester LE7 9GD
Telephone: 0116 241 2465 Headteacher: Mrs Jan Knox
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Humberstone Junior School
Main Street, Humberstone, Leicester LE5 1AE
Telephone: 0116 276 7248 Headteacher: Ms Annemarie Williams
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Humberstone Infants School
Main Street, Humberstone, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE5 1AE
Telephone: (0116) 276 7648 Headteacher: Mr Yusuf Campbell

Inglehurst Junior School
Ingle Street, Leicester LE3 9FS
Telephone: 262 4598 • Headteacher: Mr Danny Bullock
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Kestrels Field Primary School
Maidenwell Avenue, Hamilton, Leicester LE5 1TG
Telephone: 0116 246 1732 Headteacher: Ms Jo Higgins
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Langmoor Primary School
Kenilworth Drive, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5HS
Telephone: 0116 271 2776 Headteacher: Mr Peter Merry
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Linden Primary school
Headland Road, Leicester LE5 6AD
Telephone: 0116 273 8435 • Headteacher: Mr Zaheer Mohamed
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Marriott Primary School
Marriott Road, Leicester LE2 6NS
Telephone: 0116 283 2433 Headteacher: Ms Catherine Stretton
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Martinshaw Primary School
Forest View, Groby, Leicester LE6 0BB
Telephone: 0116 287 6749 Headteacher: Mr Neil Elson
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Oaklands School
Whitehall Road, Evington, Leicester LE5 6GJ
Telephone: 0116 241 5921 Headteacher: Ms Eleanor Shaw
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Overdale Infant School
Eastcourt Road, Knighton, Leicester, LE2 3YA
Telephone: (0116) 288 2724 Headteacher: Mrs Philippa Maksymiw

The Pastures Primary School
Thornhills, Narborough, Leicestershire LE19 3TP
Telephone: (0116) 286 7738 Headteacher: Ms Kerry Mannion

The Pochin School
School Lane, Barkby, Leicester, LE7 3QL
Telephone: (0116) 269 2078 Headteacher: Mr Stephen Cotton

Queniborough C of E Primary School
Coppice Lane, Queniborough, Leicestershire, LE7 3DR
Telephone: (0116) 260 6500 Headteacher: Ms Joy Hardy

Rothley Primary School
Burrow Drive, Rothley, Leicestershire LE7 7RZ
Telephone: (0116) 230 2106 Headteacher: Mrs Fiona Parr

Rowlatts Hill Primary School
Balderstone Close, Leicester LE5 4ES
Tel: 0116 276 8812 • Headteacher: Mrs Jay Virk
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Rushey Mead Primary School
Gipsy Lane, Leicester LE4 6RB
Telephone: (0116) 266 1114 Headteacher: Ms Debra Bailey

Sandfield Close Primary School
Sandfield Close, Leicester LE4 7RE
Telephone: 0116 266 0333 Headteacher: Mrs Amanda Dhillon
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Seagrave Village Primary School
Green Lane, Seagrave, Loughborough LE12 7LU
Telephone: 01509 812 486 Headteacher: Ms Rebekah Spencer

St Barnabas C of E Primary School
St Barnabas Road, Leicester LE5 4BD
Telephone: 0116 276 7612 • Headteacher: Ms Sue Poole
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St Luke’s C of E Primary School
Main Street, Thurnby, Leicester LE7 9PN
Telephone: 0116 241 5105 Headteacher: Mrs Jatinder Sembi
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St Mary’s Fields Infant and Nursery School
Heyworth Road, Leicester, LE3 2DA
Community School (3-7 yrs)
Telephone 0116 282 4623 • Headteacher: Mrs Carol Browne
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St Michaels and All Angels
Brookside, Rearsby, Leicester LE7 4YB
Telephone: 01664 424 453 Headteacher: Mr Neil Bardsley

Stokes Wood
Blackett Avenue, Leicester LE3 9BX
Telephone: (0116) 287 5305 Headteacher: Mrs Jane Gadsby

Uplands Infants School
Melbourne Road, Highfields, Leicester LE2 0DR
Telephone: 0116 262 5280 Headteacher: Mr Mark Ingram
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Westfield Infant School
Ashford Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 0JL
Telephone: 01455 637 558 Headteacher: Mrs Jill MacLauchlan

West Gate School
Glenfield Road, Leicester LE3 6DG
Telephone: (0116) 185 6181 Headteacher: Mrs A Standley

Willowbrook Primary School
Roborough Green, Leicester LE5 2NA
Telephone: 0116 241 3756 Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Ridley
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Woodland Grange Primary School
Beaufort Way, Oadby, Leicester LE2 4TY
Telephone: 0116 272 0401 Headteacher: Mr Kirk Hayles
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Woodstock Primary School
Hattern Avenue, Leicester LE4 2GZ
Telephone: (0116) 235 5825 Headteacher: Mrs Liz Lambert