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High quality, committed graduates needed for Early Primary and Primary PGCE programmes Sept 2017


We are actively seeking high quality, committed applicants and expect to be considering applications for both the Early Primary and Primary routes to our SCITT and School Direct (Abbey, Launde(OLP), STEP, Christ the King  and Ash Field ) routes throughout February, March and April 2017.

Please phone 0116 254 3187  or email  our office in Dovelands Primary  School ( ) to receive the latest news, updates and advice regarding all aspects of the SCITT and its School Direct application and interview processes for September 2017.

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SCITT Open Events Spring 2017

Get into Teaching- Your future, their future!  Do you want to transform childen’s lives? Put yourself in the strongest possible position to make informed decisions and perform well at interview by attending a drop in SCITT Open Evening in an informal and welcoming atmosphere.

These events offer friendly, personalised advice from the Course Management to support all those interested in Primary Initial Teacher Training.  We are very happy to offer information regarding:

  • the different routes into ITT (including University, SCITT and School Direct routes) and which routes might suit you best;
  • the next steps  to take to successfully apply for ITT;
  • how to gain and use pre-course experience in schools to start their training/attend interviews in as strong a position as possible;

Suitable candidates may be offered opportunities to gain pre- interview/course experience through focused placements  in SCITT or School Direct alliance partner schools.

Dates for events in Spring term 2017  are:

Thursday 23rd Feb 2017   4.30-6.30p                                                   Dovelands Primary School,  Hinckley Road, Leicester LE3 0TJ

monday 13th March 2017   4.30-6.30pm:                                            Dovelands Primary School,  Hinckley Road, Leicester LE3 0TJ

On Saturday 28th Jan  2017 10.00am -1.00pm   The SCITT and School Direct routes will have stalls at a Teach Leics Event in City of Leicester College Evington, Leicester.  This event  is for all Leicester/Leicestershire ITT providers.  Visit for details and to book a place. Teach Leics Flyer.

 Please contact the SCITT   to find out more about any of the above events and complete and attach a Potential Applicant form to register for attendance at an open evening event .The SCITT will tailor the events to the needs of potential applicants attending.

The SCITT administrators and management are always willing to offer advice/support by phone (0116 254 3187)  or email ( to potential applicants, outside of these events.




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Rated Top Primary PGCE Provision in England for Quality

The Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT are delighted to be rated the No 1 Primary provider nationally for `Quality of Provision’ (p.16)  in the prestigious `Good Teacher Training Guide 2015 ‘ (Smithers and Coughlan, 2016)

This guide researches and analyses data from all University and SCITT providers in the country to make direct comparisons of the different providers and routes (SCITT, school direct and University) in Initial Teacher Training (ITT).   The guide aims to provide useful research and information for all stakeholders, including  applicants and the government, regarding the state of ITT provision at both a national and local level.


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Great news! 100% employment figures in July 2014 , July 2015 and July 2016

Great news!   The full employment record for trainees in 2014 and 2015 has been repeated in  2016 !  Every trainee gaining QTS in July 2016 seeking a teaching post has successfully obtained an employment contract as a Newly Qualified Teacher.  Every trainee in both 2015 and 2016 was assessed at the end of training as attaining the Teachers’ Standards, at a `Good’ or `Outstanding’ level .

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Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT teacher in action

Outstanding OFSTED Nov 2015

OFSTED are unstinting in their praise of the SCITT partnership. The SCITT have received the highest possible grades  for all aspects of its Early Primary and Primary courses. OFSTED write:

`The course leader and deputy course leader have created a culture where high standards and a passion for improving outcomes for pupils permeate every aspect of the course …  Their leadership has been instrumental in ensuring the partnership has maintained its high standards and excellent quality of training since the previous inspection (‘Outstanding’ OFSTED 2008/09) and has also improved upon them.’

`As a result of the progress trainees make, many trainees receive offers of employment well before the end of their course. Overall employment rates are high. Every trainee seeking employment for the last three years has been employed by the end of his or her training. In Leicester, the demand for Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT trainees outstrips the supply. Headteachers spoken with during the inspection repeatedly said trainees were sought after because of their high levels of subject knowledge, their professionalism, and their understanding of how pupils learn. This is evident in the confident and competent newly qualified teachers seen in schools.’

‘Trainees and former trainees are ambitious to make a difference quickly. Many former trainees rise rapidly to positions of leadership within their schools due to the quality of their preparation for teaching.’

 `Headteachers from both partnership and non-partnerships schools said the reason they employed SCITT trainees was the quality of their knowledge and understanding of teaching at interview.’

 `Trainees and former trainees managed pupils’ behaviour exceptionally well. In every classroom visited, positive climates for learning promoted pupils’ confidence to ‘have a go’. In an early years classroom, very young children spontaneously applauded a child who had succeeded in his learning. This mutual respect and celebration was mirrored in many classrooms visited.’

`Outstanding school and centre-based training ensures that trainees move seamlessly into their roles as newly qualified teachers. A wide variety of further training and support for former trainees supports them to develop their new roles quickly.’

`Trainees and former trainees demonstrate strong professional and personal attributes that make them greatly sought after by schools.’

`The impact of the support from highly skilled and committed course tutors, SCITT mentors, and the rigorous systems for checking the progress of trainees is evident in the confident and competent newly qualified teachers seen in schools.

 `Course leaders know their trainees very well. There is a strong sense of ‘family’ within the SCITT. Leaders are aware not only of the intellectual needs but also the personal needs of trainees. As a result, trainees’ placements are well crafted to suit their learning needs. Course leaders respond rapidly to any difficulties that arise and resolve them immediately. Many headteachers commented on the commitment and care that course leaders show to trainees in order for them to achieve and achieve well. As a result, trainees complete their courses and find employment quickly.’

 `Every stakeholder spoken with during the inspection expressed the same view that the quality of the centre-based training meant trainees and former trainees displayed confidence and a secure understanding of how to support pupils in key subjects.’

 ‘Partnership schools provide high-quality training environments. All trainees and former trainees spoken with felt that the variety of placements offered by the partnership strengthened their understanding of schools in very different socio-economic circumstances. As a result, trainees and formers trainees moved between their placements and employment easily.’

`One school mentor commented that she had to keep reminding herself that the NQT was only in her first year of teaching because of how quickly she adapted to the new school and showed proficiency in the classroom.’

‘Headteachers say trainees are well prepared to teach phonics, reading, and writing. This is because of subject tutors’ outstanding subject knowledge and current school practice. Tutors carefully check the progress of trainees and offer further bespoke training to those trainees who need support. In teaching observed, trainees and former trainees demonstrated excellent subject knowledge of phonics. The impact of this was clearly seen in the good progress pupils were making in learning to read and write. Every stakeholder spoken with during the inspection expressed the same view that the quality of the centre-based training meant trainees and former trainees displayed confidence and a secure understanding of how to support pupils in these key subjects.’

 ‘A particularly strong response in the NQT survey demonstrates overwhelmingly that former trainees feel confident to teach phonics, English, and mathematics. Former trainees also feel strongly that they are able to reflect on the progress of pupils and meet their needs.’

 ‘Engagement of partnership schools is high and all stakeholders see the benefit of the high-quality training in their schools through improved outcomes for pupils.’

‘Trainees and former trainees are exceptionally well prepared to contribute to the wider life of their schools. That trainees willingly take part in clubs and other school activities is noteworthy. Former trainees are already contributing to the development of pupils’ assessment and the curriculum in their new schools.’

 ‘Trainees and former trainees are ambitious to make a difference quickly. Many former trainees rise rapidly to positions of leadership within their schools due to the quality of their preparation for teaching.’

 `The overall effectiveness of Leicester and Leicestershire ITE partnership is outstanding. The commitment and determination of both course leaders and partnership schools to seek out and train high-calibre teachers of the future are evident in every aspect of the SCITT’s work.’


If YOU :

  • are passionate about improving outcomes for pupils and making a real difference to children’s lives right from the start of your career;
  • want the best possible training in behaviour management, phonics, reading and writing, and mathematics;
  • wish to end training with an excellent understanding of teaching and learning in primary schools, prized by headteachers;
  • are interested in understanding and exploring the challenges and rewards teachers face in a diverse selection of schools;
  • would like training that provides excellent preparation for leadership roles early in your career;
  • look forward to being in a workplace with a  strong sense of community and `family’ ,where management show real commitment and care to ensuring all achieve their full potential; 

Then contact the SCITT  NOW to speak to the course management (0116 254 3187) for further information and advice, or apply through UCAS teacher training website.  Places are still available on both the Early Primary and Primary routes for the SCITT and all our School Direct routes.

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Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT teacher in action

SCITT Courses 2016/17

In 2016/17 the SCITT is offering both Early Primary (3-7yrs) and Primary ( 5-11yrs) courses.

The SCITT also works closely with 4 different National Teaching School Alliances (Oadby Launde Partnership – Launde School ; Leicester Teaching School alliance -Abbey Primary School;  STEP Teaching School alliance – The Merton Primary School; WELL Special School alliance- Ash Field Academy) to offer 4 parallel unsalaried School Direct courses.

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