iLeicester and Leicestershire SCITT teacher in action

The Interview Process

The SCITT and School Direct partner alliances, will use a two stage interview process for candidates called to interview, normally held on two separate days. It may be possible to hold both interviews on the same day for candidates who need to travel further or candidates who will find attending interview for two half days particularly difficult. Please email the SCITT for advice if this is a concern.

Stage One of the interview process

The first stage of this process will consist of written audits in English and mathematics, together with an informal group interview and information giving about the SCITT and School Direct routes.  The written audits assess whether each candidate’s personal subject knowledge in English and mathematics is will from a secure base to underpin high quality teaching of these subjects in the primary school. This means the audits serve a different purpose and are of a different design to the professional skills tests.

Preparation materials and information about the interview audits are  attached here:



Stage Two of the interview process

The second stage of the interview process will involve a combination of tasks including:

  • a presentation, connected to current educational issues;
  • a task working with a small group of early primary or primary pupils;
  • a formal interview;
  • a reading task.

Each part of the selection procedure will be graded to agreed criteria. The interview questions will be largely based on elements that will contribute to the Teachers’ Standards.

Equal opportunities procedures will be followed to ensure that the selection procedures are open, fair and assessments are to agreed criteria.