Class of 2015

Selection Criteria for Applications


What we are Looking For

This selection process to call applicants for interview will include consideration of the application forms against the following criteria:

  • GCSE and A level grades
  • class of degree
  •  previous experience within primary schools/other educational settings
  • the quality of the supporting statement
  • the standard of written English within the application form;
  • the quality of the reference (wherever possible one of the two references should be from a primary school where you have gained recent experience)

The Professional Skills tests must be passed by ALL successful candidates before entry to the course. Although the SCITT will call many applicants to the first stage of interview prior to them passing these tests it is a sign of commitment and good organisational skills for candidates to complete the skills tests early.  The SCITT recommends that all candidates prepare for and book these tests earlier rather than later in the academic year.

We particularly welcome applications from candidates who are able to act as a positive role model for under-represented groups in primary schools and applicants from the local regional community.