Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT teacher in action

Applications: Qualities we are Looking For

Familiarity with modern primary school

A commitment to undertake teacher training is a major step. As such it is important applicants make this commitment based on a first hand understanding of the pressures and rewards of working in a British primary school in the twenty first century.  Applicants are therefore encouraged to gain relevant and recent experience in a primary school. We feel this is advantageous to demonstrate your understanding of teaching and learning in your interview.  We consider applications without experience and are able to offer experience to potential applicants.  Please do contact the SCITT for further information.

Creativity and commitment

We are looking for talented and creative individuals, with a passion for teaching across the wide range of subjects taught in a primary school. We believe these qualities will underpin the work of trainee teachers as they seek to challenge and excite their pupils and enable them to develop as confident, enthusiastic and effective learners.

Good communication skills are at the heart of effective teaching and all applicants are expected to demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Stamina and determination

Teachers in schools know that teaching demands stamina and perseverance. The SCITT trainers will work hard to support their trainees in reaching their full potential. We look for applicants that show a commitment to high standards and excellence, combined with the resilience and determination required to cope with the demands of the course and of teaching.

Good role models representative of the local population

We are very interested in all candidates whose applications demonstrate the qualities outlined above and who meet our selection requirements. We aim to recruit a range of good role models representative of the local population, particularly from minority ethnic communities and men. We are also particularly keen to hear from experienced classroom assistants and those seeking a career change.

Trainees come from a very diverse set of backgrounds with widely differing pre-course experiences. Some trainees come straight from school and completion of their first degrees, whilst others have spent time in different careers and bringing up children. The SCITT prides itself on its ability to support and meet the needs of all its trainees so all trainees enjoy the course and meet their full potential.