Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT teacher in action

How to apply

Making an application to a SCITT programme

All applications to Initial Teacher Training providers are managed through the UCAS Teacher Training website.

Expert advice and support to take the next steps in your learning journey

Children deserve great teachers and becoming the teacher you want to be is a life long journey! Teaching is complex and challenging and requires many skills. This is what makes it so rewarding!

The next steps in your personal  journey can start NOW, before formally applying on UCAS, through downloading and emailing us a  SCITT potential applicant form, so we can offer personalised expert advice and support.  With this support you can put yourself in the best possible position for all initial teacher training application and interview processes and for the start of your training.  The further on the journey you are when you start training the more you can enjoy the experience.

DOWNLOAD YOUR  SCITT potential applicant form HERE

Ready to Apply?

If you are ready to apply, click HERE to download advice on UCAS Course Codes and how to use the UCAS  course search to see  all the SCITT and accredited School Direct Early Primary and Primary programmes.

Skills Test support 

Applicants are advised to look at the on-line practice skills tests and book these skills tests as early as possible. Practice papers are available on-line. Booking can be made before making an application.  However, the SCITT does interview applicants and make offers before skills tests are completed and candidates should not normally delay applying whilst they wait for skills tests.

Details of skills tests are available at:


The SCITT is able to loan textbooks, free of charge, to support passing the skills tests, to all successful applicants to the SCITT. We also offer FREE small group workshops and individual support to successful applicants who are concerned about passing the skills tests.  Feb 2018 NEWS- Unlimited attempts at passing the skills tests now permitted for all ITT candidates. 

Not yet ready to commit to a one year PGCE programme with the SCITT? 

The SCITT schools are also always interested in employing graduate Learning Support Assistants (LSA)  and this can  provide you with an ideal opportunity to find out if teaching is right for you.  At the same time you will  gain invaluable experience, earn money and make a positive difference to children’s lives. If a one year graduate LSA post appeals to you contact the SCITT!