Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT teacher in action


How does the quality of training compare with other Initial Teacher Education providers, including University PGCEs?

The SCITT is rated the TOP primary ITT provider (out of over 200 Universities and SCITTs) nationally for the overall quality of training in the most recent provider level  NQT survey by Newly Qualified Teachers.  Comparative data for other ITT providers in the region is shown on `Why us?’

What does OFSTED say about the training?

The SCITT was assessed as `Outstanding’ in its most recent 2016 OFSTED inspection.  The SCITT  were delighted that the inspectors reported that the SCITT had continued to build on its previous `Outstanding’  inspection report of 2009.

What are my employment prospects at the end of training?

SCITT trainees have exceptionally good employment prospects when compared with other providers nationally and locally.  100% of the Leicester & Leicestershire SCITT  trainees actively seeking employment have successfully gained teaching posts in each of the last 3 years.

How likely am I to complete training and gain Qualified Teacher Status?

The SCITT has exceptionally high retention of trainees on the course, with over 96% of trainees starting the course over the last 3 years successfully completing training and gaining QTS and a Masters level PGCE award.    This is considerably higher than the 90%  retention figure that is the national figure for comparable postgraduate primary PGCE courses.

How good a teacher am I likely to be at the end of the training?

99% of trainees in their final placements have been assessed as at least `Good’ against the criteria for trainee teachers in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (over 79% of our trainees were graded `Outstanding’ by their schools and the SCITT in 2017).  This performance is again significantly higher than the sector average and explains why our SCITT trainees are so sought after by headteachers.

 How likely am I to feel I chose the right course at the end of training?

Trainee evaluations at the end of training are extremely positive.  In over 10 years of operation the SCITT has never had a single trainee rate the overall quality of training as less than good. Over 99% of trainee exit evaluations in the last 3 years have rated the overall quality of training received as very good (our top rating). 

If you believe you:

  • Would enjoy the challenge of being constantly stretched to achieve your potential as a teacher;
  • Want to train in a small, friendly environment;
  • Want to receive training from dedicated and outstanding trainers and practitioners ;
  • Are passionate about making a difference to children’s lives and learning
  • Want to enjoy the support of a close knit family of peers and trainers in a primary school setting

…. then apply to the SCITT