About the Courses

Children at Dovelands primary school

How the courses are organised?

The SCITT programmes, including School Direct, run to the same timetable as Leicester City and Leicester County Primary Schools.

At the time of application and interview candidates will need to have elected to follow the early primary (3-7 years) or primary (5-11 years) specialism.  Trainees for each of these specialisms will follow separate training routes designed to ensure each trainee completes the course extremely well prepared to teach pupils across the age range they have specialised in.


Within all SCITT programmes trainees will spend at least 120 days working in placement schools with at least 60 days of central training.  The trainees’ responsibilities and teaching load during school based placements will increase as they progress through the course. All trainees will undertake block teaching placements in at least two schools, with virtually all  trainees teaching in 3 schools with contrasting features. All early primary (3-7yrs) trainees will undertake teaching placements in both Foundation Stage and Key Stage One and all primary (5-11yrs) trainees will experience teaching across the age range within Key Stages One and Two.

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Learning days

When the trainee is not on block teaching placement they will be fully timetabled with a combination of centrally based training  and school based learning days. The central training will be delivered separately to the Early Primary specialists and Primary specialists  by specialist trainers and  will cover theoretical and practical aspects of learning and teaching, including subject knowledge and professional development. School based learning days will allow trainees to directly link theory to practice, through observations and linked tasks carried out in classrooms and base schools.

Excellent Outcomes

The SCITT central training is more extensive than on many PGCE and School Direct routes but headteachers, tutors, mentors, trainees and past trainees ALL state that this training is invaluable and should not be reduced.  The SCITT believes it is this in depth, high quality central training, combined with excellent support in contrasting school placements, that provides the key building blocks for the excellent outcomes the SCITT is consistently achieving.